After the review of some of the work both written and practical the theme of burial seemed to have lingered. With that in mind, I took the decision to take a very literal approach photographically to explore this further. This came in the form of using a polaroid camera to make pictures of the Welsh landscape which I then proceeded to bury in the ground at the time and place where the image was taken. Once buried I then recorded the location through a digital photograph of the area, logging a written description in my filed notes, and roughly plotting the site on a map.

A month later I returned to each site to excavate the prints, the resulting images in many ways are not particularly satisfying or have really resulted in an outcome in themselves. However, the heuristic approach to research that I take has meant that carrying out this work has been beneficial. I found it amazing how quickly the land changed over the course of a month, I have always been aware of the greater changes from season to season but from even July to August the changes were quite pronounced to the point where finding the prints in the ground was more challenging than I thought. Noticing these changes made me feel more connected and familiar with the land.